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Adoption & Rescue 
"Best Friends with Paws"
Cats & Dogs
Cassidy encourages anyone who can to please rescue-adopt your new "best friend with paws" a cat or dog, from your local animal shelter.


Every day, tragically thousands of wonderful, innocent, intelligent, dogs and cats lives are put to death for the

singular reason of not having a home.


We can all change this.


Please adopt and rescue a Cat or Dog if you can provide a loving, forever home. You'll find that the cat or dog rescued you right back.


Cassidy is a "mom" to two wonderful, kind and highly intelligent rescue cats, who assist her with her writing work by walking on the keyboards:)


You can adopt your new best friend from your local animal shelter, or a PetSmart Adoption/Rescue event or learn more at and


Bullying Prevention 

Cassidy's a recognized expert and consultant on bullying prevention and has spoken to 25,000 students, teachers, parents at schools and conferences.  
She works with government leaders on prevention initiatives and is an advocate for families who have lost children to bullying related suicide. She's a media contributor on bullying, cyberbullying, youth suicide related to bullying, teen violence, relational aggression and the juvenile justice system as it pertains to bullying.

To request a speaking presentation or consultations for schools on

bullying prevention strategies or media inquiries, visit contact page.

Filmmaker Cassidy McMillan supports environmental protection
Environment, Oceans and Wildlife Protection


Cassidy is an advocate for all animals and supports environmental causes and the protection of all wildlife and domestic animals: cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, deer, rhinos, etc. 


Cassidy supports the ban on all sales/imports of the tusks of elephants and rhinos, as these magnificent and highly intelligent, compassionate mammals who have families just as all humans do, are becoming extinct due to poachers killing them.


If you'd like to learn more on how you can help protect animals, wildlife and the environment, visit: (located in California); 


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