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Screenwriter | Producer


Screenwriter: Narrative Feature Film Screenplays, Documentary and Teleplays

Cassidy is a screenwriter for both feature films and teleplays. Her scripts have received recognition from Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning artists, film industry executives and screenwriting competitions.

Cassidy has a feature film screenplay currently in development.

Cassidy wrote and is directing/producing an acclaimed documentary feature film currently in post-production which is being set for worldwide release.

Producer | Consultant

Cassidy is a speaker, producer at screenwriting and film events. She also provides script consulting with new and emerging screenwriters.

Investigative Documentary Filmmaker

Cassidy McMillan named DyNAMC Magazine's Changemaker in the Film Industry

When Cassidy learned children across the globe were committing suicide due to being bullied, she decided to make a documentary that would both investigate the issue and

provide solutions in order to prevent future tragedies. 

The documentary film she directed/produced/wrote, 

BULLIES AND FRIENDS, takes on the issue, provides solutions, and investigates the tragedy that led to a precedent setting bullying court case in North America.

The film is in post-production being set for worldwide release.

Recognition for her directing/writing the film and her advocacy work in schools, where she has spoken to over 20,000 students, teachers about bullying, include the

United Nations UNA Impact Filmmaking Award and Inanna Filmmaker Humanitarian Award.

BULLIES AND FRIENDS has been named by the United Nations UNA, Monmouth, Worth Publishers and other academic organizations as an upcoming resource and educational tool for schools on bullying prevention.

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