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DyNAMC Magazine Names Filmmaker and Advocate Cassidy McMillan Changemaker In The Film Industry
DyNAMC Magazine Names Filmmaker and Actress Cassidy McMillan as Change Maker In The Film Industry

DyNAMC Magazine Names Cassidy McMillan "Change Maker In The Film Industry" in Annual Change Makers Leadership Edition 

Director/Producer/Writer Cassidy McMillan is Selected as DyNAMC Magazine's "Change Maker In The Film Industry" and National Leader in Bullying Prevention in 4-page Interview for the annual Change Makers Leadership Edition.


Journalist Diane DiPiero interviews Cassidy McMillan about her groundbreaking film BULLIES AND FRIENDS, which provides solutions to the bullying epidemic and Cassidy's bullying prevention work for schools, colleges, organizations.

Cassidy is also asked about and discusses the importance of women directors, producers, writers in the film and television industry, and how it's vital that films and television shows feature stories with female lead characters/protagonists.

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Filmmaker and Bullying Prevention Expert Cassidy McMillan is interviewed by "Dubai Today" about bullying and prevention

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


In this Back to School Special on Dubai, United Arab Emirates' #1 highest rated Talk Radio Network, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Bullying Prevention Expert Cassidy McMillan is interviewed by show Hosts Suzanne Radford and Dr. Samineh Shaheem on the topics of bullying, girl bullying, relational aggression, and the documentary film BULLIES AND FRIENDS Cassidy directed and wrote. Cassidy tells of how certain physical medical reasons is a factor in teen bullying behavior and the psychology of bullying. 

Washington DC

CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips and Radio Personality Christine Eads, interview Film Director/Writer Cassidy McMillan about the bullying and suicide epidemic facing schools, teens, families globally. They discuss the groundbreaking documentary BULLIES AND FRIENDS Cassidy is directing, the heartbreaking story featured in the film and bullying solutions the film provides.

Cassidy talks about the Centers for Disease Control's staggering statistic that

"Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among children ages 10 to 24" and the correlation between bullying and suicide.

They also discuss the specifics of girl bullying, relational aggression and

Kyra shares her personal story of how she was bullied by two of her friends in high school.

Cassidy shares bullying prevention tips for parents and schools. And they chat about how people can get involved with the film.

Born To Talk Radio at L.A. Talk LIve talks with Filmmaker Cassidy McMillan on Bullying Documentary "Bullies and Friends"
Los Angeles, CA

In this Interview for L.A. Talk Live's Born To Talk Show Host Marsha Wietecha welcomes Cassidy McMillan to talk about Cassidy's journey in directing/producing the groundbreaking independent documentary film BULLIES AND FRIENDS on bullying, and the teen suicide that led to a precedent setting bullying court case, which is investigated in the film. Also, Cassidy's advocacy work for positive change in bullying prevention. 

Cassidy provides tips for teachers, schools, parents and teens on bullying prevention. They discuss Cassidy's speaking and consulting work at schools/universities on Bullying Prevention, Girl Bullying/Relational Aggression. Cassidy tells of important Tips/Warning Signs for Parents regarding if their son/daughter may be being bullied, and Cassidy's two Key Questions she recommends to parents to ask their daughter/son after each school day.

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