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Suicide Prevention 

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and/or having suicidal thoughts,

help is available. 


Please reach out to the Confidential and Free Suicide Prevention Hotline Listed Below


FREE Confidential Help is Available 24 Hours a Day |  7 Days A Week

1-800-273 -TALK (8255)


If you are in need of Immediate Medical Assistance, Call 911


Bullying Prevention: If you are being bullied, please report it to a trusted adult(s), friends, family, and seek help.


All of us at Bullies and Friends film care, as so do your loved ones, friends,

and community.


National Suicide Prevention Organization  
(In the U.S.)

1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Available for free, 24 Hours A Day, 365 days a year, including holidays. 


Click Photo on left or link below to be

redirected online to the

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website


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