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What You Can Do

To Help Prevent Bullying

Our Bullying Prevention Programs In Schools

+ BULLIES AND FRIENDS Global Release  

"Bullies and Friends" is a groundbreaking bullying prevention film that provides solutions to kids, teachers, parents, communities. With our film in final production for release, our work with schools, colleges, organizations through our Bullying Prevention Speaking Series and Workshops are making a positive impact! 


You can directly make a difference right now through your gift in any amount. Most schools don't have bullying prevention funding. Your support will provide for our independent film's bullying prevention work in schools via our speaking events, workshops, special events and more. 

Your contribution will also support BULLIES AND FRIENDS to be available to schools globally to

prevent bullying and prevent bullying related suicide. 

We hope you'll take a stand with us to prevent bullying.

To make a difference right now, click the I Want to Help button below.

We'll send you a personalized thank you, and keep you informed with updates on the film.

Thank you For Your Contribution to Help Prevent Bullying! You Made a Difference!

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